Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A True Heart

"But true discipline is a far cry from legalism -- Thank God! The difference lies in motivation. Legalism is self-centered, discipline is God-centered. The legalistic heart says, "I will do this thing to gain merit with God." The disciplined heart says, "I will do this because I love God and want to please Him." The true heart of discipline is relationship -- a relationship with God."
Barbara Hughes, "Disciplines of a Godly Woman"


  1. I am sorry I didn't get here to visit you sooner! You have been on my heart anyway! The quote you shared is awesome! I would like to copy it for use someday on the topic of legalism. I love it when you share your thoughts. Most of the best posts are short and pithy!

    Also, I like the idea of Simple living tips. The first one will save someone serious bucks!

    I pray you are well, dear friend. Be blessed in Jesus!

  2. Hello Dear Friend! The days are busy and your linking up has grown so much and so fast! Praise God! Thank you for coming over to comment!
    I found this quote one day when I was on Amazon. It was from a portion that you can read to get a feel for the book. I have never read anything by the author, but decided after reading this that it would be worth getting. :)
    As to the simple living tips, I have been thinking about organizing different parts of my home and while I'm doing so, I get a thought here or there that I think will help others with being more organized or more efficient. I'm glad that they are useful! :)
    I have been well, thanks! I really appreciate your prayers. We all need them! :) How about you? I think of you are such an encourager!!


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