Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My latest project...An Apron or Two!

When my two older girls were young, I sewed a number of dresses and nightgowns for them. I haven't sewn anything in quite some time now, but I have had that desire working it's way up to do some sewing for my youngest two girls.

I chose this very simple pattern to get started. It only has three pieces: the skirt, the bib and a pocket. You are supposed to use a ribbon for the ties at the top and through the casing at the waist. This is the fabric that we chose and I have added the pocket to the bib instead of the skirt.

I decided that I would make the ties instead of using ribbons, so I measured out the same length of fabric as the ribbons would have been. While I worked on each piece, I showed my girls how to lay each pattern piece on the cloth and what each of the symbols meant. Then I showed them how to cut each piece out.

I had taken a sewing class, many years ago at our local JoAnn Fabric store. I was fortunate enough to have an excellent teacher. She told us that if you want your garment to look professional, you must see your iron as your "best friend". With everything so nicely pressed, you barely have to pin things in place. Of course, a lot depends on the fabric, but my project went so much smoother and faster because I used my iron.

The bib was double sided and the ties were to be sewn, sandwiched between them. After putting my right sides together and pinning them in place, I started at the bottom of one side and worked my way all around to the other side, leaving the bottom open so as to turn the whole thing right side out.

I apologize for not having more up-close shots and more of a step-by-step sequence. I hadn't intended for it to be a tutorial. I think you can see, however, that I sewed a casing at the waist. Before sewing it, I pinned the bib in place so it would be sewn with the casing. With every edge, I sewed a nice little finishing seam. It makes everything look more professional and it makes the garment a sturdier piece.

I measured out fabric for the ties at the waist. It was one long piece that went through that casing and stuck out on either side. After I ran that piece through the casing, I extended that finishing stitch line down through the casing to secure the tie. It won't fall out and get lost.

Here is my youngest daughter, Bethan with her nice new apron. She was so excited that she had to put it on immediately and then the next morning that apron was included with her clothing for school. :)
I am very happy that she liked it. This project was done in a day.
I actually made another one for my other daughter. I had to add inches to the whole garment because the pattern wasn't her size. It was a good exercise for me and it was fun.

Bethan and Annelise in their nice new aprons. :)

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  1. Such a cute apron! My daughter would love it if I made her one of these!

  2. It was very easy to make! I'm sure that she would be thrilled! My daughters are! :) I'm planning for some nightgowns and dresses, hopefully! Thanks for stopping by, Chelsey!


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