Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gardening: "Lungwort"


Lungwort, a perennial, blooms in early spring with brilliant blue, pink, or white flowers. The variety that I have has a combination of blue and pink flowers. Depending on the variety, the rough basal leaves can be spotted or plain.

Once the flowers are spent, the leaves continue to stand in a roundish mound through the Summer, Fall and into the Winter.

Lungwort makes a very nice addition to a border or edging. It is easy to grow, deer resistant, drought tolerant and has a rather exotic looking leaf making it quite attractive.

Lungwort grows well in Zones 2-8 from what I have read. It grows to the height of 6-12 inches depending on the variety and can be planted in Sun, Partial Sun or Shade. A nice hardy plant to consider for landscaping.

"Flowers of blue and pink,
Happy little flowers, I think..."

A bonus bit of information...
The flowers can be pressed to use on cards, pictures or bookmarks like I have done here!


  1. Hi Karen!
    I never knew lung wort could be pressed! I saw some in the nursery this past spring but passed it by. I may just give it a try.

  2. Hi Elizabeth!
    I actually tried pressing them as an experiment and was quite pleased at how they retained their color. My only suggestion is don't pick all of your blossoms so they propagate. I mistakenly picked from a couple of plants not thinking about this and they didn't come back this year. I'm thinking that having a small bed of them and picking from a different group of plants each time would help even this problem out. You can see better pictures of what I pressed on the shop.
    I hope you are enjoying your Summer!
    Blessings, Karen


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