Thursday, February 19, 2009

Organizing Tips: The Kitchen Counter

Have you ever wondered how you can maximize your counter space? I have always tried to keep it neat and organized but I didn't really think about how I actually use my counter space...until just the other day!

If you are like me, I want to reduce the amount of cleaning I have without making my home look and feel sterile. I want my home to be warm and hospitable, a comfortable place for my family and guests. It needs to look and feel inviting.

So there are actually two areas for us to consider, if we have an eat-in kitchen:
1. The work area. This is where you prepare your meals. You will want this area as easy to clean as possible. You want to utilize all of your counter space. If you only have a small counter area, this is even more important to think about. Take off all the knick-knacky items that get in the way of a quick and easy clean. When everything is completely off the counter, stop and think about what is truly necessary. Put only those items back. As you do this, think about how you use them. Do they work better by the sink or stove? Do you find they are more useful away from these areas?
What about the rest of the things that you have removed? Separate these items into different categories: Bedrooms, Office, Pantry, closet...Give away, or maybe garbage. Now that you have these sorted out, distribute them to where they need to be. You can delegate this chore to your children as well!
If you are finding that this area is not as appealing to work in, why not put up some fresh wall decorations, curtains for a window or maybe a new kitchen rug or some new kitchen towels. Be sure not to put any decorations in your now cleaned and organized counters!
2. The eating area. This area is where you want to enjoy that delicious meal you just prepared! So set this area up as a nice inviting space. One that you can relax in and enjoy the good food and conversations with family and friends. You can make this area comfortable with a small centerpiece (again in keeping with easy-to-clean), a fresh wall hanging or creative! If you have a telephone area or bill area in your kitchen, use a nice basket for keeping a pad of paper and a pen or phone book in. Do the same for your bills. Maybe one with two compartments, an "in" and and an "out". Simple, warm and easy to keep clean!
If you have any other suggestions, why not leave a comment or let me know that you have an article on your blog and I will add a pointer to it.
I'm ready for Spring, aren't you? Let's help each other get off to a good start!


  1. I try to keep my home organized, as it helps to keep my mind clear.

    BTW, thanks for the hospitality book suggestions. I love Edith Schaeffer's "The Hidden Art of Homemaking!"

  2. E-Mom,
    I do agree with you about keeping "my mind clear". We are so influenced by what is around us. This has made me think more about creating a "haven" for my family. I always remember Corrie Ten Boom's sister using her red scarf to decorate her cell and how it seemed to cheer them a little...Beauty!:)

  3. Some of my fave posts are ones about organizing! :)
    You've seen my kitchen. Not an eat in one unfortunately works for us.
    I like to keep the bare minimum on my counters. I tend to do groupings. I'll write a post about it tomorrow or Sat so stop in! good topic...I've already begun my spring cleaning!


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